Dear Reader,


I am honored you stumbled onto HUNGRY FOR BOOKS and are curious enough to see what this is all about.


First and foremost, as I state on the home page, HUNGRY FOR BOOKS is intended to be a resource. It is the manual I wish I had as a rookie parent and it is something I would have liked to have put into the hands of families when I was a teacher.  I want this to be an informed go-to for great book recommendations and for ideas about cool, educational activities that will help kiddos build all sorts of skills!

HUNGRY FOR BOOKS is truly a mash-up of my world.  


Why HUNGRY?  Because I want to keep doing what I love and that’s getting kids to think critically and to get them excited to learn!


Why FOR BOOKS?  Because I am an English nerd.  I used to sneak read with a flashlight under my bed covers after lights-out.  That passion led me all the way through a Master’s in English, where I fondly spent my first coveted summers as a teacher on a mountain in the middle of nowhere in English camp with other English teachers.  


Hungry for Books has been years in the making.  




I bought a different domain back in 2018 and plotted and planned and stewed my idea for years. Occasionally I would pop on and fiddle with the website design.  Sometimes I would write a draft of a post.  But with solo parenting infant twins and a kindergartener, I would often get sidetracked and then I would lose my motivation.  Months would go by and then I would completely forget my login information.  Even though I never made much progress until recently, the idea never left me.  My motivation for finally getting this off the ground came after a commiserating session with a mom friend about what to do while stuck at home and no longer having play groups, children's museums, free child care at the gym, etcetera to go to and help occupy our days.


Realistically, this all started well before I even conceived the idea for HUNGRY FOR BOOKS.  I have always been a creative type.  I am happiest when I am creating or in some sort of creative mindset.  I have written stories and books.  I draw.  I bake.  I am an athlete.  I play in my children's imaginative worlds.  It has always been my dream to make a living in a way that allows me to be creative.


Years ago when I was a teacher I was constantly tapping into my creative side, problem-solving, designing engaging curriculum, and triaging every situation that was thrown at me every single second.  Folks, teaching is an awesome profession, but gee whiz is it challenging!  I took pride in being a creative problem-solver as I climbed the professional ladder into leadership positions .  I have worn many hats in the education world, my favorites involving consulting and professional development.  Though I inched closer and closer to where I wanted to be professionally, life always has a way of throwing a curveball.  (And I’m not talking about 2020 craziness...)


Surprise! It’s twins!  


When I found out I was expecting not one, but two babies, things changed for me BIG time.  It all happened quickly and it was out of my control.  Quite honestly, I struggled a lot, and sometimes still do, with the identity shifts. 


Without getting into what seems to be a popular debate on parenting blogs, I want to say that I have been a working mom, I have been a single, working mom, and now I am a stay-at-home-mom of three (2 x 2 + 7) who manages our household alone about 98% of the time.  No matter the circumstance, parenting is hard.  Period.  We all have to figure out what works for us.  


HUNGRY FOR BOOKS is me getting back to me.  I want to share what I have learned along the way as a parent and as an educator and what’s working (and not working) for us.  


And above all else, I want to help you get kids excited to read and help them build critical skills through really simple, fun activities!  



  • A resource for parents, caregivers, and whoever can find a nugget within these posts.

  • A plethora of information from a former teacher, mixed with my experience as an administrator, as well as things I have picked up along the way from colleagues, family, friends, professors, and beyond.

  • Part lifestyle/mom blog, part what-in-the-world-do-I-do-with-my-kids (especially during quarantine) blog, part brain-dump blog.


I hope this was a sufficient introduction to how HUNGRY FOR BOOKS got started and a little of my background.  You will certainly learn more about me and my family as you read posts. I anticipate this blog will grow and evolve over time, especially as my children enter different stages.  

I went back and forth about using a more formal, professional voice and ultimately decided that this blog is me, Katie the parent and former educator, talking to you as if we are sitting down having a friendly chat.  So grab a coffee, tea, wine, or protein shake...anything you fancy...take a time-out from your busy life and read on.


Whatever you find on here that you can take away, I hope it helps children get HUNGRY for BOOKS and sparks their creativity and curiosity for learning!  


Be well,





I want to thank my three amazing and crazy children for whom I do everything, and from whom I have learned more than any book could teach me.

I want to thank my family and friends who have supported me in different ways on this journey from reading drafts, to listening to me work through ideas, and to gifting me time.

To my amazing forever colleagues and all educators out there,

keep up the good work!

Lastly, and with infinite appreciation, to my creative soul sister, without whom none of this would ever have happened. 


It's no longer just a seed.